About Debra

As you may have guessed by now, I love reading books.  I actually love language itself, and will sometimes even re-read certain passages within a novel if it really grabs me enough.  When I was young, with more energy and three months of summer vacation to spare, I would immerse myself in books.  Don’t be surprised if you one day find me here discussing Gone With The Wind (Margaret Mitchell) or Rebecca (Daphne du Maurier).  All books, regardless of which era, could get fair air time on this blog.  Even Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Jeff Kinney), which I find to be pretty humorous, could find its way on these pages.  I’ve been in book clubs, but lately haven’t had the time to physically join one, so I’m very excited to find an online forum that allows me to discuss the books I’ve read and express my thoughts on them.  A good book, I found, will draw a deeper emotion from you.  I remember once reading a book where I despised the character so much, I had to walk away from it, literally give myself time to cool off.  Then I went back and finished the book, realizing the author did an outstanding job in extracting a reaction from me.

I work as a regulator and sometimes find the job just a tad bit boring.   So to fill the pockets of time where my mind threatens to space off, there is always a good book at my desk, just behind the monitor, ready to rescue me from the doldrum.  I’ll reach for it to sneak a quick peek at the page where I last left off.  I also found that books, the ones I consider ‘Confessional’ and usually spoken in the first-person narrative, to be interesting since stories of that nature are so refreshingly honest, and so relievingly identifiable.  At last, someone out there who feels the same, and whose expressing it for the rest of us.  I find this most especially true with women’s literature.  Of course, nothing is absolute, and you can find this quality in any form of fiction. 

I also love to write; so much so that when I was kid, I turned my barbie dolls into a comic strip, of course, having the pages (torn out from a spiral notebook) stapled together and colored in with Crayola.  That was the extent of my graphics.  I transported their story into a comic media.  The point is, we all love good entertainment, no matter what format it manifests itself: novel, movie, theater, or comics.  And often times, people we know.  Hence, the origin of gossip.  Lastly, but most importantly, I give a well of gratitude to my husband who’s not only computer saavy and helps me with all things mechanically and computer related, but is immensely supportive of every idea and every endeavor I venture to explore.